Maronite Jewelry


Available in sterling silver,  10kt, 14kt or 18kt gold
(Due to price fluctuation call for pricing)


Large Antiochene Cross 1 1/2"
Also Available with Diamonds



Small Antiochene Cross 1"
Also Available Extra Heavy



Rubulla Cross 1"


Large Saint Sharbel Medal 1"



Small Saint Sharbel Medal 1/2"



Large Saint Sharbel Medal 1"


Solid Heavy Rope Chain 18"


Solid Heavy Rope Chain 24"






Gents Cedar Tree Ring
Also Available as a Ladies Ring


Cedar Tree Cuff Links - Sterling & Gold
Also Available:
Cedar Tree Cuff Links - Oval



Small Circle Cedar Tree 3/4"
Also Available:
Small Cedar Tree 3/4", Small Cedar Tree Extra Heavy, Large Circle Cedar Tree 1"



Large Cedar Tree 1"
Also Available:
Large Cedar Tree  Extra Heavy


Serpent Bracelet


Bangle Bracelet

  Adoration of the Blessed Mother    Saint Rafka (Coming Soon)

The History of Maronite Jewelry

Antiochene Cross (A,B)
Three horizontal bars signify the Trinity Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Three Persons, One God). The vertical bar signifies the unity of God. The leaves represent the new life given us by the death of Jesus, thus we have the victorious cross.

Rubbula Cross (C)
This cross is a design from the ancient Rubbula Gospel Book of the Maronite Church dating back to 586 A.D. The circle is a symbol of completeness or eternity since God enjoys never-ending existence. The Greek cross is the symbol of the standard of our salvation to the four corners of the

Cedar of Lebanon (L,M)
Symbol of strength and durability throughout the ages. Biblical references are made to the usage of the Cedars in the building of King Solomon's palace as well as many other references in the Bible.

Saint Sharbel (E,F)
Born May 8, 1828 , became a priest July 23, 1859, died December 24, 1898 - beatified December 5, 1965 and was canonized October 9,1977.